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Fusion Hatha Yoga


“May all beings be happy, may all beings find peace”.


Integration of energetic movements and at the same time technique and adjustments  in each asana to achieve muscular release, strength and flexibility in the joints with belt, blocks, chair, etc. Includes breathing exercises, relaxation, mantra chanting and meditation to calm the mind and balance the nervous system.

Schedule & Style



Schedule Yoga Hapimag Resort 2022

Monday 19.30-20.45

Tuesday 10.00 – 11.15

Thursdays 19.30-20.45

Thursday: 10.00 – 11.15

Saturday 10.00 – 11.15


Please confirm me your attendance, as capacity is limited at “Sala Marbella”. If the weather is ok, we are on the roof terrace and there are always space.

Avoid to eat at least 2 hours before the class. 

The payment is better by bizum: (0034) 610 71 60 41 or bank transfer.

The level is for everyone from beginner to advanced level.

Please inform me in case you have any physical or health problem.

There are also private yoga classes available for people with special problems or who want to enjoy a personalized class.

In all classes we include, Pranayama: breathing exercises, Relaxation, Chanting of 1 or 2 Mantras: devotional songs from India with percussion and shruti box ( instrument from India) and Meditation.


The style is a fusion of the following 3 Yoga Schools:

1.- Hatha Yoga: Traditional Indian yoga practice, characterized by the “Salute to the Sun”: sequence of dynamic preparatory postures to move to more advanced postures of strength and stretching.

2.- Iyengar influence: It is a very technical style to integrate and understand the postures, with the perfect alignment, using supports such as bricks, belts, chairs, rope / swing and wall. The adjustments of each posture make you achieve the harmony and well-being of your physical and energetic body.

3.- Yin Yoga: It is a restorative yoga, a very soft and gentle style with the help of supports such as bricks, wall and belts in each position. It is a practice to learn to loosen and relax the fascia and therefore the bodybuilding. We also do a great opening of the joints and balance the nervous system.

We incorporate circular and dynamic movements with breathing exercises, such as the breath of “Fire” and “Kapalabati”. It is a very spiritual and energizing practice.



  • Dance with the influence of 5 rhythms
  • Kirtan: Mantra chanting and Meditation
  • Yoga Nidra :Guide Relaxation in Savasana
  • Positive thinking and yoga philosophy
  • Prices from 15,00€.


  • Monthly 1 fixed class per week 50€

  • Monthly 2 fixed classes per week 65€

  • Monthly 3 fixed classes per week 87€

  • Monthly 4 fixed classes per week 130€

  • 1 extra class for regular monthly students 10€
  • 1 Drop class: 15,00€.

  • Private lesson: 50,00€.

  • Voucher for 3 classes: 40,00€.

  • Voucher for 4 classes: 52€

  • Voucher for 5 classes: 65,00€

  • Voucher for 10 class: 120,00€.

  • Voucher is for 1 month limit
  • Now you can pay with bizum!



    • Sport Massage: stretcher with decontracting with essential oils with the influence of Shiatsu and Ayurveda
    • Relaxing Massage essential oils with influence from Ayurveda and Reiki 
    • Yin-Yan: Sport and Relaxing Massage
    • Osteo Thai Massage in Japanese futon (dressed in comfortable clothes). Stretching and mobilization of the fascia for joint release, also achieving relaxation of the muscles and balancing the nervous system.
    • Traditional Thai massage in Japanese futon
    • Fusion Massages: All of them. Time minimum 1, 30 minutes
    • From 1 hour to 2 hours
    • Please phone me to ask the prices from 40€ and the best massage for you



    Retreats: Yoga , Meditation and Hiking at Tarifa, Cádiz 2022


    Next Yoga Retreat Spring:

    from 1st Friday to 3rd Sunday of April 2022

    Prices with everything included, (except the transport that we will share the cars and we will leave from Marbella): 195.00€ per person in a double room to share with another person and 220€ per person in a single room. The bathrooms are to share. Limited places. Book now with € 50 by Bizum to my whassap: (0034) 610 71 60 41 or in cash when you come to my yoga class. 

    It  includes:

    * 4 Classes of different styles of Yoga: Hatha, Yoga with Kundalini influence, Yoga with Iyengar influence and Yin Yoga. 

    * 2 Easy hiking routes through the natural park and along the seashore. 

    * Healing Rituals in the sea and with the trees.

    * Dance Workshop to release emotions and open body

    *Self-knowledge, transmutation and healing Worksop. *Pranayama in nature.

    *Kirtan: Chanting of Mantras, Meditations and Gong Baths. 

    The diet is vegetarian, very healthy and delicious. 

    Place: La Laguna de Bolonia, Betis, Tarifa. Check-in on Friday at 5pm. Departure at 5:00 p.m. on Sunday, 

    This is a magical place in the middle of the mountain 10 minutes by car from the best beaches of Punta Paloma and Bolonia, Tarifa, Cádiz, South of Spain. There are 3 wooden houses with different single and double rooms with bathroom to share. We have an indoor yoga space and an outdoor yoga space. Living room, dining room and garden with its own garden. 

    I love this place, it gives me a lot of positive energy and that’s why I want you to come. Live this experience for your healing and spiritual evolution. 

    Ask about the program with the activities!!. 

    and last Yoga Retreat of the year October 14th-16th 2022 



    “I honour the space in you where the Universe dwells,
    I honour the space in me where the Universe dwells,
    Namaste, Namaste, Namaste!”

    “Sol has the perfect name as she brings nothing but sunshine into her classes!  She has the perfect balance to challenge and support you and really offers a personal touch.  She is a wonderful teacher and I have learned so much from her, I will certainly return to Spain to take a class with her”.

    Jade, London, September 2013.

    “Sol is such an inspirational yoga teacher. I love how she has the ability to work you hard pushing you out of your comfort zone yet at the same time allowing for a relaxing and spiritual practice. She injects her vibrancy and warmth into every class and somehow you cannot help but smile your way through a challenging class. I have learned a huge amount from Sol and my personal practice has benefited immensely”.

    Jade, London, September 2013.

    “I love classes with Sol. She really understands where you are at and helps you reach your full potential in the poses. She is an excellent yoga teacher and has a great sense of humor. Thank you Sol for helping me deepen my own practice and understanding of yoga in general and for being a ray of sunshine. Guapa!”

    Christina, Fuengirola, September 2013

    Try your first class for free

    If you are living at Marbella and you do not know me jet and would like to give it a try, come to one of my classes for free and without any obligation.

    I’m sure you’ll be hooked! 

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